Innovate Photonics - The UK's market leader in LED Light Therapy

'LED Light Therapy' is the use of Light Emitting Diodes to produce one or more specific-wavelengths of light to create a beneficial physiological response, e.g. accelerated healing (at near infrared wavelengths).

In the beauty world, this technology is fast becoming recognised as one of the safest, fastest, and most affordable ways to achieve younger, more radiant looking skin, as well as solving the age old problem of teenage spots. Previously only available to the professional salon market, LED Light Therapy has now been made accessible to the consumer thanks to the research and industry knowledge of Innovate Photonics.

New additions to the Innovate Photonics range have been developed to assist with pain relief in the joints, muscles and deep tissue, as well as the holy grail for all women - how to lose inches from hips, waist and tummy, when trying to get into that little black dress! All Innovate Photonics products are safe for use at home, in the salon, and use no lasers, injections, chemicals or invasive surgery!